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  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha to funy Connie coa
    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha to funy Connie coa

    hello...im kind of a late fan...so i subscribed...i just wanted to say i love your videos.. (i hope you see this :( )

  • Saptarshi Gaming
    Saptarshi Gaming

    R.I.P Dan's Hardcore World, one of my favourite series!

  • Zeke Robot
    Zeke Robot


  • Bashbash GAMING
    Bashbash GAMING

    The guy that had the illusion was Zach King

  • Fornite Clz
    Fornite Clz

    👁👄👁 👁💋👁


    Can’t believe this is in my recommendations 5 years later

  • SusVlogerCube

    Dan thinks he has a sister but the room that rectar is in is his brothers

  • Mangot

    my ballet teacher basically has as many cats as Cassie Rose

  • 1:56

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross

    13:41 so a cult

  • KasmoFNYT


  • Zel On60fps
    Zel On60fps

    The crouching one is still more op

  • MinecraftLord

    I don't care for SpiderMan But This is awesome

  • Sudipta Pal Chowdhury
    Sudipta Pal Chowdhury

    Best intro ever

  • Fabielle martinez martinez
    Fabielle martinez martinez

    Who is rewatching in 2021 for old times sake

  • Rin Rivertree
    Rin Rivertree

    Imagine every time you die your game resets and takes you back to night one 😝

  • XO ct
    XO ct

    Hmmmm I SEE IT Spongebob meme

  • son of war
    son of war

    I love the nostalgia

  • Marcusaurus TV
    Marcusaurus TV

    Wish they added Sunflower in this because that song was in Into the Spiderverse

  • Kdrama weirdo
    Kdrama weirdo

    I feel bad for him.i wonder how many years it took him to censor all those things Tommy said

  • 陳璿宇Justin Chen
    陳璿宇Justin Chen


  • Vince Candy
    Vince Candy

    dan: we have 64 mods me: nice

  • Toph Beifong
    Toph Beifong

    Press F to pay respects.

  • Gamer Boy 20
    Gamer Boy 20

    Dan, you have literally made my entire childhood, and have done this for so many more people! You dont need to apologise for having surgery! We love you Dan!♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️

  • Gamer Boy 20
    Gamer Boy 20

    We love you Dan ❤️


    10:20 the time DanTDM nearly died

  • Zion Hampton Brown
    Zion Hampton Brown

    Hello this is the future Dan

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    The mob grinder is duping Cuz you can get items

  • MuscleCar Maniacs
    MuscleCar Maniacs

    The original music though😖😖😖

  • Saleh The gamer
    Saleh The gamer


  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Put mobs in a bucket Pewds: what but i tried that, did i use the wrong bucket?

  • Shad0wStar

    How much hair have u lost when taking off ur hat

  • 陳璿宇Justin Chen
    陳璿宇Justin Chen

    they're goombas, not koopas the koopas are turtles

  • Sanjay Rajagopalan
    Sanjay Rajagopalan

    i cannot describe in words how glad i was when this was recommended to me

  • World Wide Troll
    World Wide Troll

    i cant believe this was 5 years ago

  • Connair 007
    Connair 007


  • Samuel Jordan
    Samuel Jordan

    the baby is fying it's so funny!!

  • Thu Ngo
    Thu Ngo

    I’ve heard of you but I never actually watched. I liked this.

  • John Michael Austria
    John Michael Austria

    *no one* Dantdm: 12:20 "Says" I'm Dead I'm dead Me: No...... No i'm back to the beginning!

  • Tjon Smith
    Tjon Smith

    Play brawlhalla when ( Day 1)

    • Tjon Smith
      Tjon Smith

      You’ll see when you are back (ig)

  • Yoda

    Idk why but I can't stop thinking about this game and it's been 6 !!YEAR'S?!!

  • Divina Rencio
    Divina Rencio

    that pig has red eyes

  • Cadet Diego28
    Cadet Diego28


  • lorna reynolds
    lorna reynolds

    Play fight at 18:38 🤫🤗

  • supernaufalgamingz !
    supernaufalgamingz !

    13:33 [HALP]

    • supernaufalgamingz !
      supernaufalgamingz !

      Fun fact: this audio is actually voice by baldi but distored and slowed down 8x

  • Fridxian Villojan
    Fridxian Villojan

    that minecraft cave and cliffs

  • Isabella Remus Black
    Isabella Remus Black

    10 months later..TikTok is still (shockingly) alive ❤️

  • TRXrubycoredX — Anubis
    TRXrubycoredX — Anubis

    I missed this adventure so badly, If only he makes more of this


    Hi daniel

  • Carolina Andrews
    Carolina Andrews

    second acttoly

  • Athar017

    I remember watching this vid on my grandparents tv and being scared out of my wits.

  • Madhav Jaiswal
    Madhav Jaiswal

    What happens to dr trayaurus and grim

  • Choices A to Z
    Choices A to Z

    why u copy right from NaRoUtO

  • Lury Love
    Lury Love

    plz. Make A part 2

  • Random Gamer55
    Random Gamer55

    This is so nostalgic

  • pleb.x_

    Alot changed in 3 years.

  • Jo O'Connor
    Jo O'Connor

    Good luck have a speedy recovery

  • Tonci Vidovic
    Tonci Vidovic


  • Angela Sanchez
    Angela Sanchez

    He died for totem's

  • le anh phong
    le anh phong

    you can use the ender chest to tp your nugget on the nether roof to earth(overworld) if you have two ender chests

  • 陳璿宇Justin Chen
    陳璿宇Justin Chen

    mo eye is jesus becuz it can fly if its on a invis platform :/

  • Lucy Lester
    Lucy Lester

    Hope your ok

  • Alysia Hayes
    Alysia Hayes


  • Le Glitchy Pug
    Le Glitchy Pug

    This game is scarier than fnaf

  • Nathan Sansano
    Nathan Sansano

    Dan on his last breath: son continue on my footsteps and re name the channel to tommyinnit jr and name ur childrens channel tommyinnit the 3rd

  • Reapergaming

    The boys: nah he got those the boys when the PS4 and xbox shelf is falling: oh [email protected]# help him bi#$&#

  • Constantsky6483 Playz
    Constantsky6483 Playz

    Ya’know when Petra had the gauntlet when she had the fireworkes clothes she don’t have anymore so it’s LOL

  • Luffador

    this is my fav dantdm video of all time

  • Banck

    Dan: I now have protection 4 on every peice of my armor which is MAXIMUM Me: DAN GET BLOODY PROTECTION 5

  • kyouoku

    i remember when i would watch this on my bed while eating oreos with milo while i wore the handmade dantdm shirt my aunt made for me because she knew i was (and still am) a huge fan. memorable times.