I Am The King of FNAF VR
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I've finally done FNAF VR.
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  • Tajir Thomas
    Tajir Thomas

    did anyone notice dan say the f word to foxy and tryed to cut it out lol 13:38

  • Mecha Team leader
    Mecha Team leader

    Dan: I AM THE KING OF FNAF VR Mark: allow me to introduce myself

  • Agent Doom
    Agent Doom

    By the way dan, you didn't completely finish the game. Don forget to do pizza party. :) You haven met glitchtrap yet.

  • Ethan Law
    Ethan Law

    Why is the Mic so powerful loud?

  • MrBleepyDoge

    Man doesn't know who Eddie vr is

  • Joanna Gonzalez
    Joanna Gonzalez

    Was this live

  • Katie Dino
    Katie Dino

    Lol “yeah yeah yeah big pog”

  • Vinker213

    I love that dantdm is still welcoming to old viewers, playing the old games he used to, doing come backs to games, and just an attitude that welcomes old viewers, he's still as fun to watch as he was 4 years ago, good on you Dan for not changing to the new trend or anything, just sticking to what we liked best

  • Vinker213

    Just realised the intro music is scp:cb, cool

  • KirboTheAmazing

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" "where in teh why in the no" 1:25

  • JD Campos
    JD Campos

    The phone guy said the animatronics have a criminal senser which means they can scan if a criminal is there and the animatronica scanned that your a criminal

  • Myriam Dahmane
    Myriam Dahmane

    13:35 he cursed but bleeped it

  • Nantikan Engkau
    Nantikan Engkau


  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    You raised me so I owe you a Father’s Day card :)

  • Thomas Cronin
    Thomas Cronin

    DanTDM I'm your fan I have a question can you please start playing fortnite

  • Sniper


  • Lefty reborn
    Lefty reborn


  • Bakhtiar Karem
    Bakhtiar Karem


  • Trin Trin
    Trin Trin

    *Markiplier has entered the chat*

  • Sophie Dix
    Sophie Dix

    Dan- Freddy no Freddy 4:06 Me-just a game dan

  • Kennedy Lisa MacKenzie
    Kennedy Lisa MacKenzie

    BTW Dan I also call toy Bonnie Bonster

  • Marco Kennedy
    Marco Kennedy

    Markiplier is the true king of FNAF

  • Ryan Vanden Heuvel
    Ryan Vanden Heuvel

    Your my favorite youtuber

  • SpicyGames

    12:00 “ok Freddy’s cminnnn” **continues to show bonnie walking** me: *SoTrue*

  • Christy Puev
    Christy Puev

    Did Dan just swear at 13:41

  • Victor Ventura
    Victor Ventura

    today I'm really sad because I can't make a card for my mom for mothers day and you make me happy so thank you :)

  • Shibani Sunil
    Shibani Sunil

    '' I hear movement''

  • Daniel Drew
    Daniel Drew

    sod good plz do more

  • Tony Feghali
    Tony Feghali

    No the phantoms don’t kill you they jumpscare you and give you errors so they can let springtrap get you

  • Rodayo Poinga
    Rodayo Poinga

    WAIT there's two fnaf kings

  • Kawaii Devil
    Kawaii Devil

    Technically Dan didn’t finish fnaf help wanted. He missed some of the extras that come up when you do the “nightmare” or “dark mode” or whatever ppl call it. You know when you flip the switch and it becomes darker and purple-ish.

  • Samuel Reid
    Samuel Reid

    How dare you sware ****

    • Samuel Reid
      Samuel Reid


  • Est Gaming
    Est Gaming

    I love that his mic was worse than normal xD

  • Cheri Bedard
    Cheri Bedard

    I was listening to the song control and one of the lyrics was I don't want to lose control and when I clicked on this video the part I didn't finish watching a second later he said I HAVE LOST CONTROL 🤣🤣🤣 LOL

  • animation Time
    animation Time

    Dan: I am the king of fnaf vr Markiplyer: I can beat fnaf vr before you Me:Dan vs markiplyer on fnaf vr

  • H0La s0i CaLisTiOsA
    H0La s0i CaLisTiOsA

    I love Dan so much!!!!❤️he is hilarious and my childhood YT channel

  • Gamer boi
    Gamer boi

    me: reads title me again: I hope markplier does not know who he is

  • GLE_mp4

    Did he just call Bonnie a she?-

  • EpicBlox

    dan: weird bunny spring bonnie: slowly cries* me: you didnt, did you dan?

  • chicken wings
    chicken wings

    Dan plz listen u did not do the end of fnaf 1

  • Lamp

    Sorry Dan. I think Dan swore cuz his mic cuts 13:35 17:06

  • •Choco Milko•
    •Choco Milko•

    I am a fnaf freak The “rabbit” is know as Glichtrap Glichtrap controlled William Afton (maker of the animatronics) to kill the kids- :)

  • Lee Carcavella
    Lee Carcavella

    This was a month ago!?! ARLREADY

  • Sayri S Official
    Sayri S Official

    now do FNAF ultimate custome night

  • Niamhs_boba Bubbles
    Niamhs_boba Bubbles

    Dan: “I am the Fnaf (five nights at freddys) king!” Also Dan: “there’s a night five?!”

  • Krystal's Gacha Life
    Krystal's Gacha Life

    Dan:I am the king of FNAF Markiplier:Come battle me

  • EthanGaming

    He said the f word at 13:38

  • Erica Kiefer
    Erica Kiefer


  • MarSprings

    Dan there is a night five

  • Frogi.peachyi

    Markiplier dan is coming for your crown

  • Aaron Meyer
    Aaron Meyer

    what kind of mic cause its loud

  • Brook Cheetham
    Brook Cheetham


  • Cam TGM
    Cam TGM

    Dan: I’m gonna do it without any deaths! Bonnie: *Im gonna end this man’s whole career*

  • Vuk Todorovic
    Vuk Todorovic

    when he said yall are the best me: mine is foxy

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Dan should play Rec room again 🤔

  • Nikhiel Sankar
    Nikhiel Sankar

    Dan you are very good at fnaf. But Markiplier has earned the title of the KING OF FNAF.

  • Aziz Aljaber
    Aziz Aljaber

    I am the king of the north

  • Zach Hans died in a tornado ._.
    Zach Hans died in a tornado ._.

    5:13 The Morse Code kid: *Why are you planning to Invade Cuba?*

  • Misty Farmer
    Misty Farmer

    Mark: OBJECTION! If you claim that your defendant's being framed... Ethan:..and if you argue she's to blame then all the same I ask... Both: WHERE'S THE PROOF?

  • Amna Arshad
    Amna Arshad

    Please make another episode

  • RavenMatthew

    13:20 the most funniest scream ever! XD

  • Christopher Mcmahan
    Christopher Mcmahan

    You have made me say it,Your a GOD at this game!!!!

  • Lindsay Bosse
    Lindsay Bosse

    I love u Dan but markiplier is the ultimate king, I love u though!! You can be the vr fnaf prince!!

  • Cadivre ಠ_ಠ Asher
    Cadivre ಠ_ಠ Asher


  • Gwen Farnsworth
    Gwen Farnsworth

    Dan: I'm the VR king! Dan on game 3: I don't know what I'm doing

  • Liam Kay
    Liam Kay

    Dan: listen to the child saying hi Phantom foxy: HI Me and Dan: ACK

  • dont be sus gamer
    dont be sus gamer

    it amazing do it again vent repair but nightmare mode hehe (:

  • Raining9

    how come dantdm has spent 8 years gaining 25 million subs and dream has spent one year and has nearly 22 mil i feel bad for dan

  • Dona Soriano
    Dona Soriano

    i respect dan for making a 32 min vid with no ads

  • Ava Persall
    Ava Persall

    Can you do more of these. Fnaf help wanted is one of my favorite fnaf games

  • • Bunny •
    • Bunny •


  • CurtisC05

    Have you never heard....of Markiplier?

  • Stacey Sharman
    Stacey Sharman

    ok so your still playing fnaf SO MAKE PART 5 OF SISTER LOCATION CUSTOM NIGHT

  • GᴀᴄʜᴀBʟᴜᴇʙᴇʀʀɪᴇs

    wow, he is taking the fnaf crown off markiplier!

  • mom- Lila
    mom- Lila

    Good job Dan! Keep it up I love ur videos!! 👌✨

  • Staid

    If only u were allowed to hit the animatronics 😂

  • Lucas Roberts
    Lucas Roberts

    DanTDM: I might even be the new king of that VR. Markiplier: I literally completed all 9 games!.

  • Evan's Clubhouse
    Evan's Clubhouse

    Light to the the middle, light to the riiiiight!

  • Dusty Peterson
    Dusty Peterson

    "theres a ChOnkY bear coming at me"XD

  • Luca Arruda
    Luca Arruda

    13:37 did I just hear a bleep for the f word at foxy or am I insane 😳



  • Archie Gaming TV
    Archie Gaming TV

    It was my birthday

  • Shinigami

    Dan: “I think I might be the new FNaF VR king.” EddieVR: **Confused Mexican noises**

  • これを翻訳していますか!? 馬鹿
    これを翻訳していますか!? 馬鹿

    Nightmode is so scary-

  • これを翻訳していますか!? 馬鹿
    これを翻訳していますか!? 馬鹿

    the best fnaf vr video i wanted to see And also i didn't even notice it was in 2021 because the room changed

  • Isaiah Espinosa
    Isaiah Espinosa


    • Isaiah Espinosa
      Isaiah Espinosa

      I mean 13:40

  • Brodie Hall
    Brodie Hall

    hahaha... hahahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • fnaf

    Can u help me on fnaf help windid please the plus baby night mare is to Howard I can’t bet it so can u help me

  • Hunter Simmonds
    Hunter Simmonds

    You know he’s mad when he’s says f*** you foxy

  • doge

    Eddie vr am i a joke to you

  • Declan Goldfrit
    Declan Goldfrit

    dan screams, *GO AWAY* lol

  • GalaxyGamer07

    DanTDM:I Am The King of FNAF VR EddieVR:The New What?

  • Tuiyo The Fox Archives (DEAD CHANNEL)
    Tuiyo The Fox Archives (DEAD CHANNEL)

    Dawko and mark be mad when they see this vid

  • Kim Macdonald
    Kim Macdonald


  • BassHoodie

    Dantdm: Im the king of Fnaf Vr Markiplier: And i took that personally

  • Emery

    that is not scawe

  • colt0100 colt0100
    colt0100 colt0100

    25:52 another jumpscare

  • colt0100 colt0100
    colt0100 colt0100

    13:08 jump scare if you want one

  • Zachary Maslen
    Zachary Maslen

    mark has a new rival to the crown

  • VR Scaredy-cat
    VR Scaredy-cat

    Please, you have to do some more vr scary game videos. If your actually reading this I love your channel 😁

  • Terrified_ Noob
    Terrified_ Noob

    Dan: I AM KING Markiplier: get a load of this guy