I Lied to My Friends.. (Shady Oaks SMP)
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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft UZloadrs where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
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  • puffmoose

    Jesus loves you!!!!!

  • Aiden Shorts
    Aiden Shorts

    Can u shut your mouth in videos

  • Jack Dunlap
    Jack Dunlap

    Dan is my favorite UZload every

  • sandeesh ko
    sandeesh ko

    i know the answer jimmy is mr beast

  • TeKo- Kirito
    TeKo- Kirito

    Dan. If you see this. Replay squid say there is a sign behind jimmys place... He say what the hell. Replay slowly. Ik you are a family friendly channel. But just a headsup. Ive been watching your vids since you old Lab videos and your mineplex build battle. But im just saying. Oh yea and. Tell trayorus i said hi and grim. If there still in the picture

  • Joshua 10RH
    Joshua 10RH

    Imagine Stampy joining, make it happen!

  • Dueler

    The sign wasn't at "Jimmy's place" before. LOL

  • minersdream23

    Veteran version of DreamSmp- Do I need to say anything more?

  • William Sherwood
    William Sherwood

    Am i the only one who noticed james switching his gamemode in chat?

  • karl hawkins
    karl hawkins

    the creeper destroyed sqiuds base :)

  • ducky the pog champ
    ducky the pog champ


  • Sean Justin Rejante
    Sean Justin Rejante


  • BeeBee theUtuber
    BeeBee theUtuber

    I fell bad for Think

  • GamingCrew Inc
    GamingCrew Inc

    Dan, the reason why a few of us aren’t subscribed is because we might not have a UZload account in order to subscribe or we’re not allowed to do anything to anyone’s channel

  • GalaxyGamer07

    tou should invite stampylonghead there

  • PAIN-_-

    That outro is fire

  • toothless plays gamez
    toothless plays gamez

    i love the logo for the secret server

  • Carson Inglis
    Carson Inglis

    We need sundee

  • 10ziiz 10ziiz
    10ziiz 10ziiz

    Dan ur so awesome plus you have very good content

  • ZeroX


    • ZeroX

      @lance jeandrie MUSIC MAKER yessirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • lance jeandrie MUSIC MAKER
      lance jeandrie MUSIC MAKER

      @ZeroX hey you play roblox??????

    • lance jeandrie MUSIC MAKER
      lance jeandrie MUSIC MAKER


  • Bridget Smith
    Bridget Smith


  • Dani Dude
    Dani Dude

    Imagine dan invited random people to play on the server

  • Hassan Pirzada
    Hassan Pirzada

    small Question isn't Justin, James and squid watching this video.

  • Abdulrahman Malki
    Abdulrahman Malki

    And stamy

  • Abdulrahman Malki
    Abdulrahman Malki


  • Liam Petersen
    Liam Petersen

    Pinned by DanTDM 📍 Trolooololololololloloooollol

  • BadBlazeWasTaken

    Let stampy join

  • Kai Cordes
    Kai Cordes

    He can call his game Danchinko

  • Armando Cid
    Armando Cid


  • Gloria Davis
    Gloria Davis

    Instead of using obsidian you should have tried taking a trapdoor and a cam pasta and this composting him it puts them into a crawling State inside the composter what's up when that happens because he can't break it and he can't get out someone has to be taken out it literally disables your ability to break you should try that

  • Mythical _ Sword 69
    Mythical _ Sword 69

    Cool outro

  • Olivia Dockrill
    Olivia Dockrill

    DanTDM's NEW youtube channel: DanTSM (dan the slickest man)

  • Melody Playsz
    Melody Playsz

    whatever happens to dr.trayarus

  • Harry Holland
    Harry Holland

    This video is Amazing!!!!

  • William s’Jacob
    William s’Jacob

    type in chat /whitelist DarkLink5432

  • Tanis TV
    Tanis TV


  • Super Trouble
    Super Trouble

    Can I join

  • Pondly Games
    Pondly Games

    Play rec room

  • bro joe
    bro joe

    I love danTDM's chanel

  • OliInnit

    is there vods of this?

  • creeperben 24
    creeperben 24

    Man the times we've seen them

  • chipmunk


  • chipmunk

    Dan raised me as a child since 2016, now he’s still doing it as a teen.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill

    12:30 bottom left corner

  • justarandomandmore

    at 11:31 there was no sign at back of jimmy's spot but at 11:46 there is so when dan went to go see the chest and came back it was there

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random

    what's the music at the beginning?

  • Blueberry Muffin
    Blueberry Muffin

    Dan:imma bad friend, imma real bad friend Me:OH YES YOU ARE YOU MONSTER! ..I am a really overdramatic person

  • GameMode Fire
    GameMode Fire

    ballistic doesnt have a cape lol

  • xrrz0

    you know you have been watching for a while cuz you remeber hey everyone down here from the diamond mine cart and welcome back to another mine ready videoooo where today

  • Tem

    Fun Fact: Dream's username before was DeltaNinja pssst im tryna get attention ik it doesn't have to do with the video

  • Pizza Blox
    Pizza Blox


  • TilledRaptor 89
    TilledRaptor 89

    It’s a shame stampy won’t be joining:(

  • Kitty Kitty
    Kitty Kitty

    Ok the real question is why is dans forehead so shiny?

  • Venomous333

    It all fun and games till then whatch this VIDEO

  • Jeremias Magana
    Jeremias Magana


  • AwesomeDans

    If you are the old fan In the opening he will say this word *Hey Guys Its Me Daniel The Minecart* Im pretty sure he forgot about that But as a Old fans It feels so nostalgic

  • Evan Soloman
    Evan Soloman

    Pov:You didn't get raised from Dan🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Arbab Family Vlogs
    Arbab Family Vlogs

    Yes no

  • Laddavahn Olguin
    Laddavahn Olguin

    The fact Dan didn't mean to destroy the outside of squids base is so funny lol

  • Momo The Weeb
    Momo The Weeb

    Each day Dan’s forehead gets larger

  • KillerWolf Boy
    KillerWolf Boy

    What about stampy

  • wassup

    When will there be ep. 3?

  • Cosmic BS
    Cosmic BS


  • Oscar Gerard
    Oscar Gerard

    Grian we need grian

  • mainraidee

    this guy raised me

  • Donna Stapleton
    Donna Stapleton

    0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 0:10

  • Emma George
    Emma George

    hay dan im emma

  • HoneyHyve

    Best. Prank. Ever

  • Phacey 4
    Phacey 4

    Dan is officially a criminal he Forcibly trapped someone frame someone for the previous crime and started a rigged gambling game.

  • Nevaiy Govindasamy
    Nevaiy Govindasamy

    Lied as

  • Solar Studios
    Solar Studios

    Can you start saying hey guys, Dan here from the diamond mine cart! Again

  • Jordan Dobbe
    Jordan Dobbe

    Anyone else notice that James was riding Dans horse?

  • _BOBBA _
    _BOBBA _

    Am I the only one ho realized he could of just dug under the box to get out?

  • Emna and Mehdi
    Emna and Mehdi

    Omg cool!!!

  • Griffyn Ritter
    Griffyn Ritter

    Can I just join the srvr

  • Jason West
    Jason West

    this SMP is SO cool

  • Aizen Cross Trade
    Aizen Cross Trade

    Can't believe its been almost 4 years since my 13 year old sister and I made a fan world on minecraft.

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Wow he's a bad liar-

  • Line Meyer
    Line Meyer

    Are you on discord

  • tomja

    Proper retrospective.

  • The Red E
    The Red E

    add Trayorous when you find a village

  • not frosty
    not frosty

    Who else thought that smp was simp

  • TrUsT Pookie
    TrUsT Pookie

    yos shady ooooaks SmP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Fitter
    Barbara Fitter

    hello DAN if your reading this prob from the future idk :) WELL so I have a prank idea steal something from all the SMP members and blame it on the last member to join and give them all the items you stole :)))

  • Dominic Kesson
    Dominic Kesson

    Love you

  • oof ya
    oof ya

    You no liar boy love your vids 😉😜

  • TheRealGamer16

    can u upload the joining code?|

  • Paris Beckman
    Paris Beckman

    PLEASE stamps needs to join

  • Jumpy Animations
    Jumpy Animations

    Are Kids allowed to say hell plus I thought you were a family friendly something bad coming out of your mouth or are you turning to an older audience

  • Asadullah Malik
    Asadullah Malik

    Oh my goodness Dan you just made squid so mad because you just blocked him and you just made a box and used the obsidian and you made me laugh because you just blocked squid with obsidian 😂

  • Galaxy Chip
    Galaxy Chip


  • The Predator
    The Predator

    why u buly dan dan is favourite youtube u is big buly

  • EnderWerewolfKid

    You could have just said that Justin logged off with the pick in his inventory

  • Cat-Sandwich

    1:34 their icon for the server is Herbert the Pervert from family guy lol

  • MimThe DucklingQueen
    MimThe DucklingQueen

    💝💝💝🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝🥰🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝 Best youtuber evaaaaaaaa! Hows Asher?

  • Panda the cat
    Panda the cat

    dan remember peggy :(

  • Sydney Self
    Sydney Self

    I mean squid

  • Sydney Self
    Sydney Self

    And you wrapped iballisticsquad house

  • Sydney Self
    Sydney Self

    Well Daniel you're not supposed to do that


    I can tell how guilty Dan feels for pranking sqid