"If You Scam Me, I Will Stab You.." (Shady Oaks SMP)
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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft UZloadrs where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
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  • MuscleCar Maniacs
    MuscleCar Maniacs

    The original music though😖😖😖


    Great video kraken hollows reminds me play some more sea of thieves

  • Every Game
    Every Game

    Is it scripted?

  • Harrison Or Billy
    Harrison Or Billy

    16:09 me when dramas going on

  • Khane Salipada
    Khane Salipada

    can explodingtnt join the server?

  • Duolingo Bird
    Duolingo Bird

    Slowly turning into a war smp...

  • Ayden Praxedis
    Ayden Praxedis

    BIG B

  • DarkBerries

    Can you put kindness in a grindstone or whatever

  • River Falkner
    River Falkner

    the og music is got me HYPED!

  • ArK1N

    Yo do you remember grindstones? Yeah.

  • Kate brocklehurst
    Kate brocklehurst


  • Sus

    My fav person on shady oaks right now is cupquake

  • X2 Games
    X2 Games

    Betray James… DO IT! (for content…)

  • Cool man09
    Cool man09


  • Aiisoq

    He should have named the book on an anvil "shapness v"

  • FanaticOak

    You know squid can just use a grindstone

  • CC_Caleb14 Gaming
    CC_Caleb14 Gaming


  • Squeezy Orange
    Squeezy Orange

    Honey Co. Farms’ logo (part with thnxcya) looks cursed mouth over cloth wut

  • Leila Esterhuizen
    Leila Esterhuizen

    pls play Genshin Impact

  • caigo22

    Lore lore lore

  • Bravo Huddy
    Bravo Huddy

    Is it weird to say Dan is emotional support for me?

  • Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon

    Goodbye kindness!

  • Dehydrated Microwave
    Dehydrated Microwave

    I mean he can use a grindstone

  • Q U I Z R
    Q U I Z R

    claim your: "here before 1 million subs ticket" Anyone?...

  • Nova 6787
    Nova 6787

    Squid: 10 diamond for a forbidden quest Hermitcraft: *Haha. No.*

  • Emma Tappin
    Emma Tappin

    Me waiting for stampy to join👁👄👁

  • KillerPotatoZ

    Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful UZloadr! Hope you have a good day. :3

  • Mossytyler 2010
    Mossytyler 2010


  • Skid and Pump
    Skid and Pump

    Wait, bigbst is here?

  • RobloxKidGaming

    You need to be kind when hold Kindness

  • RobloxKidGaming

    who is big bst

    • Skid and Pump
      Skid and Pump

      A piggy UZloadr he use to play Minecraft mini games with stampy

  • Jpotato King The Squeaker
    Jpotato King The Squeaker

    Disenchantment, it exists.

  • Miguel Jacob
    Miguel Jacob

    can you start a war

  • Kim Tamayo_
    Kim Tamayo_

    god the outro music hit me with so much nostalgia

  • Pluigi Expluigi
    Pluigi Expluigi

    I heard the old outright and now I never want the outri to change

  • Colton Trimble
    Colton Trimble

    Dan you should not have doubled crossed squid it was a bad idea he could have been a valuable friend.

  • Jayden Allen
    Jayden Allen

    Does he not know what grindstones are?

  • Mrs Stolpy
    Mrs Stolpy

    Dan I love u vids!

  • Adidev Playz
    Adidev Playz

    *Dan and Squid talking about a dangerous quest that might make a friendship gone* Minecraft: *peaceful* *music*

  • Somebody

    if you use an enchanted book with curse of vanishing, then when the user dies having the curse, the curse on that item will disappear meaning when squid dies, kindness will be deleted

  • Gaming_With_Me

    Couldn't he go to tht repair and disenchant table and disenchant it.

  • Joe English
    Joe English

    Use a grind stone squid 🤦 smh

  • Julien Vlogz
    Julien Vlogz


  • Radha Sankaran
    Radha Sankaran


  • David Mate
    David Mate

    i unsubscribed for what you did

  • Rhys Kadoodle
    Rhys Kadoodle


  • Crispr O'Connor
    Crispr O'Connor

    yo its the dream smp but you can follow the story line

  • 0vercl0ckVR

    Congrats on 25 mill, Dan!!!

  • Mateo D
    Mateo D

    I love this OG music at the end of the best British UZloadr

  • Jason Dalgado-Molloy
    Jason Dalgado-Molloy

    What just happened?

  • Alysa Ramsay
    Alysa Ramsay

    Shady oaks: ep 7: Scamming, and stabbing: Squid orders Dan to get the kindness sword from Thnxcya, but Thnxcya and Dan have a plan! Dan gets the curse book and curses the kindness sword! When Squid gets the sword and finds out the sword is cursed, things dont go the way Thnxcya and Dan planned......

  • RoyalBlood09 D
    RoyalBlood09 D

    Grind stone question mark question mark

  • Goldenboy Gaming
    Goldenboy Gaming

    25 million

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik

    Petition to get Ph1ilza and Popularmmos to join and maybe stampy

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik

    Petition to get Ph1ilza and Popularmmos to join and maybe stampy

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik

    Petition to get Ph1ilza and Popularmmos to join and maybe stampy

  • Xxtitanfall2isthebestxX

    when you realise shady oaks is from the movie up by disney and pixar

  • I’m a homie Chill
    I’m a homie Chill

    Can u make episode 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 pls

  • Sad Chicken
    Sad Chicken

    They should add stampy cat

  • Game Bro
    Game Bro

    Add FGTEEV they used to play minecraft back in 2016

  • Jakob Humphreys
    Jakob Humphreys

    get a grind stone

  • Subhan Afzal
    Subhan Afzal

    Make more episodes

  • Isabella Nicolosi
    Isabella Nicolosi

    Me: |•watches dream smp•| Also Me: I'm getting egg vibes...

  • Mr Quack
    Mr Quack

    So when uhh.. when’s the next one coming out..

  • bryan amaya
    bryan amaya


  • Pondly Games
    Pondly Games

    Play rec room

  • Mr JEM
    Mr JEM

    How about if squid dis enchant the sword of kindness 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Amir Ridhwan YT:Rimus
    Amir Ridhwan YT:Rimus

    the chaos is coming

  • POON Pan Ching WaterChing Student
    POON Pan Ching WaterChing Student

    I'm excited about the lore, but even though Squid is mysterious, I'm rooting for Dan to become corrupt and the most powerful-

  • spaghettieater

    I just now noticed that the name of the smp is also the name for the old people resort in the movie up

  • Nathan Porter
    Nathan Porter

    Who thinks that stampy should join?

  • Mysterio

    Squid: It belongs to me Future John Walker hmmmmm?

  • Maricris Miras
    Maricris Miras

    Squid:dan you betrade me! I trusted you! DAN:Im Sorry!your not the owner of that sword!

  • Haroon Ijaz
    Haroon Ijaz

    Invite ssundee and Captainsparklez

  • HeyItzMe 07
    HeyItzMe 07

    Wait is Shady oaks a survival/roleplay server-

  • Aly Hisham
    Aly Hisham

    Why did you stop making more shady oaks vids

    • Tassie Dwevil
      Tassie Dwevil

      He hasn't. He stream it over on Twitch, he just hasn't uploaded anything in a while on here.

  • Katalin Csermely
    Katalin Csermely

    So Dan’s a double agent

  • The A List
    The A List

    Hey @DanTDM start uploading on youtube your twitch streams are too long pls

  • BurritoCat72

    💎 ✨𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙳𝚒𝚊𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚍 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚝✨💎

  • Potato

    can i join im very popular

    • King Boy
      King Boy

      You have 5 subscribers

  • kevin the orange
    kevin the orange

    When will he upload shady oaks again

  • Exploding Gamer
    Exploding Gamer

    Nothing...Nothing for a month

  • Mamun Kureshi
    Mamun Kureshi

    Squid has probably joined the dream smp and now he got infected by the egg and is listening to the egg

  • S D
    S D

    He’s corrupt squid is literally holding the ring kinedness is the ring it is the presses

  • S D
    S D

    Squids Gollum 100%

  • Horned Pineapple
    Horned Pineapple

    Squid: “I will stab you” Minecraft: peaceful music

  • Player 114
    Player 114

    Im getting Lord of the rings vibes.

  • ZoardPaul Matyas
    ZoardPaul Matyas

    I cant whait for a new vid

  • Jason Halim
    Jason Halim

    I think the red thing on squids arm is the red egg in dream smp but in shady oaks

  • FuntimePlushAdventures

    Squid is turning into Gollum, and is probably gonna be the antagonist of the series.

  • Actor Fox5902
    Actor Fox5902

    Pls add BadBoyHalo, SB737, Philza, and vikkstar

  • seaghj seagh
    seaghj seagh

    you need to add stampy

  • Brandon Pokémon master
    Brandon Pokémon master

    Call SB to defeat Squid. SB is good at pvp. Also can't you grindstone the sword?

  • Alfieplayzzz


  • parchoakes 17
    parchoakes 17

    Couldn't he just use a grindstone

    • parchoakes 17
      parchoakes 17

      @Matthew BROWN oh I didn't know that

    • Matthew BROWN
      Matthew BROWN

      Curses don’t come off on grindstones

  • zerachin

    can’t squid just disenchant the curse

  • NoahsNoah3

    Invite tommy to the server

    • RobloxRobot

      its for OG minecraft youtubers

  • H-tred

    I somehow got so used to dan wearing glasses, that when he doesnt wear glasses he looks- weird for me LMFAO


    Can you make another SMP video?

  • Friendly DEMOGORGON
    Friendly DEMOGORGON