My Minecraft Hardcore Fail..
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Where did my Minecraft Hardcore series go?
Edited by: DanTDM

  • SuperAlexey


  • Alice Salerno
    Alice Salerno

    Dan 2019-2020: Hates Bane of Arthropods Dan 2021: Loves it

  • Dom

    Dan being dum 2 + 2 = 3 ???

    • ImOld

      2+2 = 3 is a minecraft math bruv

  • clockFox Gaming
    clockFox Gaming

    is it just me or was there a space in between "has" and "lied". dan? did u say something, or is my volume to low?

  • Just a normal Minecraft player
    Just a normal Minecraft player

    21:00 ahh the piglin of the desert

  • Just a normal Minecraft player
    Just a normal Minecraft player

    18:08 that lies tho

  • EmilyOMG

    2+2=3, 3+3=4, 4+4=5 *MiNeCraFt LoIgIC*

  • Alex H.
    Alex H.

    You can only make it on optifine version, I added every enchantment including sharpness and fire aspect on a shield.

    • satyajith

      Rip his hardcore world is no more

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

    Sorry I’m having a bad day you don’t suk

  • Harry P
    Harry P

    To Dan’s knowledge: 4+4=5

  • Zander Brooks
    Zander Brooks

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that he said a swore at the end

  • Alona Vallinas
    Alona Vallinas

    Dan:I wish I had every villager for each enchantment Pewdiepie:been there done that

  • Mycario The Neo
    Mycario The Neo

    2+2 = 3 : 3+3=4

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat

    i already knew when he said smite V and sharp V can go together that this was a bad idea

  • Nabil the Beast
    Nabil the Beast


  • DaBaby

    Am i the only one who realized that dan said 2+2=3 3+3=4 4+4=5 17:14

  • mage350

    Mojang: did you do it? DanTDM: yes. Mojang: what did it cost? DanTDM: everything.

  • Leila Esterhuizen
    Leila Esterhuizen

    play Genshin Impact

  • fortnova _
    fortnova _

    I have seen things in this video, Dan your memory really sucks.

  • Noah Arbizu
    Noah Arbizu

    Dan: for plus four equals five! Me: Sure, buddy...


    Me mojang? Did you go to school 4+4=8 not 5 lol not being mean it is just funny to me awkward laugh from me quiet everywhere else walks out sad lol

  • XGplays

    6:36 its not trash it makes a trident come back thats not trash

  • Sean Brogan
    Sean Brogan

    smite 5

  • Achi 77
    Achi 77

    just think if a villiger was trading emeralds for ender perls!

  • SkinnyWise

    he swore at the end its not a big deal cuz he cut it out. timestamp: 23:57 - 23:59 just saying

  • Yuan Kyle
    Yuan Kyle

    3:07 its still strong though...

  • Vicioussnake

    The reaction at 16:49 was priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  • The_GoatBoi

    says dan: 2+2=3, 3+3=4 and 4+4=5

  • Fire Warrior
    Fire Warrior

    Did anyone notice when he was adding he said 3+3=4

    • LemonTemon

      That’s because when you enchant instead of normal addition you add to the next number so protection 2 plus protection 2 would be protection 3 for example

  • Pondly Games
    Pondly Games

    Play rec room

    • LemonTemon

      He did 3 years ago

  • Darragh Mc Andrew
    Darragh Mc Andrew

    haha little did he know what was going to happen

  • Richard Melaniphy
    Richard Melaniphy

    7.36 2+2=3 great maths Dan

  • Dark Prince 2007
    Dark Prince 2007

    23:50: guys... I think Dan's gone insane

  • Dean Qevani
    Dean Qevani

    I was just staring at the glaze on the books and other weapons that you enchanted lol

  • Dævid

    Did he really combine boa I to boa II to get boa II...

  • kaap0p 123
    kaap0p 123


  • Yellow Crewmate
    Yellow Crewmate

    1+1=2. 2+2=3. 3+3=4. 4+4=5. And that's everything sorted

  • aditya nair
    aditya nair

    Plz try out genshin impact next

  • aditya nair
    aditya nair

    Plz play genshin impact next

  • WR 245G
    WR 245G

    DanTDM: "Quick maths, 3+3 = 4" Me: *yes*

  • Josh C
    Josh C

    Who else is here from his unfortunate end of the Minecraft world

  • Victor-Dimitrie H
    Victor-Dimitrie H

    Dan: I've tried to protect them every time: (iron golems) Me: May I remind you about how you get your iron sire?

  • KillerPotatoZ

    Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful UZloadr! Hope you have a good day. :3

  • The Icy Bros Show
    The Icy Bros Show

    *The Rise and Fall of le chop*

  • Owen Keating
    Owen Keating

    Ye it was about to get so much better he died

  • Helias 18
    Helias 18

    No one: Dan: 2+2=3

  • 21Jacob07

    House tour

  • Jens Andre Amundsen
    Jens Andre Amundsen

    u died. for a long tima ago. sheater

  • Champion _
    Champion _

    Him says now 2+2... =3 me 😵 it’s 4

    • Stickman


  • legand zelda
    legand zelda

    You can grined of the enchantments off the books

  • Anna Martikainen
    Anna Martikainen

    What does bane of artrhopods do

    • Patrick P.
      Patrick P.

      does more damage to spiders


    I m after he dead in hardcore

  • Ethan Roberts Scott
    Ethan Roberts Scott


  • Amanda Lay
    Amanda Lay

    Guys he didn’t die this episode.... but he failed miserably at making the axe of his dreams the way the thought it would go

  • Gorg

    Who else is here after he died 👇

    • Gold Loot
      Gold Loot

      I guess only me

  • autistic spongebob
    autistic spongebob


  • The Lucie And Landon SHOW
    The Lucie And Landon SHOW

    Dan: *starts making the best axe ever* Also Dan: If I combine these in the correct way I should be able to get the best pickaxe in the game Dan: I need to get a villager for each enchantment

  • Martin_Boski


  • carlos sanchez
    carlos sanchez

    Well, To bad its all gone :(

  • Black flame
    Black flame

    2 + 2 = 3

  • a random human
    a random human

    Nobody saw what was coming next

  • The Games
    The Games

    Somebody put my name in the Guiness World Book Records cuz i just read the 1 millisecond long word without pausing or 0.25x speed it said "lies."

  • Sorry For Changeing My Name DAD D
    Sorry For Changeing My Name DAD D

    2+2=3 wow :o

  • [*]

    2 + 2 = 3 👁👄👁

  • DasH Raven
    DasH Raven

    He hasn’t got he tried to put punch on it lol!!

  • nagateja chintha
    nagateja chintha

    it is warden it is a new hostile mob that is added in minecraft 1.17

  • yeet

    9:12: when I pass a test without studying for it

  • Esiah Platt
    Esiah Platt

    who knew in a couple weeks he would die in his world

  • Tracy Leszczynski
    Tracy Leszczynski

    What's with the downturn in your language Dan? Lots of kids watch your shows in the UK and in the US where 'Oh My God' and 'Oh Jesus' are deemed bad language...and even offensive to many Christians...don't go downhill with all the others please!


    dont post bad comments pepole k hes awsome and hes the best youtuber ever to walk the earth


    and i think yer the best you tuber ever


    HI DAN TDM IM A HUGE FAN IM ON MY DADS ACOUNT BUT WONDRING IF I COULD SHOW YOU A MAP THAT I MADE JUST FER you my gamer tag is slandercast4460 no spaces if you want just invite me if not it was a pleasher to talk to you. by

  • Ronan Callaghan
    Ronan Callaghan

    The cool new stuff won’t have to wait now because he died so he can make a new world in 1.17 :)

  • Meet Parmani
    Meet Parmani

    I have never seen a man so happy for bane of arthropods

  • Michael Andrada
    Michael Andrada

    ur bad at math dan

    • HypersYeet


  • ReaperGod

    I may not watch your channel as much I've been subbed since 100,000 subs yea that's a long time keep being the best Minecraft player in my book

  • NH786

    Mum: Get of the Computer you have been playing for way too long! Kid: No Mum: Minecraft doesn't teach you anything Kid: Yeah it does *Kid puts this video on* Dan: 2 plus 2 equals 3

  • Creeperboss999

    7:30 then 2..... + 2...... equals 3. Hold up

    • MustyZane


  • AlexTheDefender

    Is there no sound in the outro or is that just me?

  • Magondrone

    After vid realising u can disenchant enchanted books

  • Wince Nico Latayan
    Wince Nico Latayan

    I Love The Face Dan Makes When He Got The Bane Of Arthropods IV

  • Fluffy Cowbell
    Fluffy Cowbell

    and 2+2=3 -dantdm 2021

  • Dexter John Cosgrove
    Dexter John Cosgrove

    7:20 now thats what i call mathhhhh

  • SnufflesThePieEatingSloth


  • Peter's Place
    Peter's Place

    2 + 2 = 3 Dantdm 2021

  • Thund3rC1oud

    POV: you have seen his new hardcore video T__T

  • Gamerpod1

    Little did he know this would be the second to last time he would see his world...

  • Éabha Healy
    Éabha Healy

    le stab + le chop = le stop

  • Pineapple Master
    Pineapple Master

    DanTDM 2021:Two plus two equals three...

  • Legendary Argentina Gaming
    Legendary Argentina Gaming

    I bet he has to die in the next episode

  • Angie Simon
    Angie Simon

    Why do you all saying Dan's correct because he said 2+2=3 he is wrong 2+2=4 Dan is a liar

    • tcrtyler

      2+2 is 3

    • HypersYeet

      It is correct

  • JackD63

    Dan: Two plus two equals three Me: ooookay

  • Renee Htg
    Renee Htg

    le chop

  • Layla The Gamer
    Layla The Gamer

    I can't believed u died....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • PokelifEevee

    "So two, plus two, equals three. Three, plus three, ok quick maths three plus three equals four, four plus four equals five lets go!"

  • PokelifEevee

    Never thought I’d hear someone say "And two plus two, equals three..."

  • Mambo Tv
    Mambo Tv

    who else thought he died bc of the title

    • Xan Gaming
      Xan Gaming

      He did look at his new vid

  • Dawn Swarthout
    Dawn Swarthout

    I have a question when did you get glasses dan

  • Sophia Vera Phaly
    Sophia Vera Phaly

    You should put torches under the castle

    • Sophia Vera Phaly
      Sophia Vera Phaly


    • RGBOT

      He dies in his new video check :(

  • Ernie Stanley
    Ernie Stanley

    Grind the bad books!!!