Minecraft, But Mining Ores is OP!
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minecraft but mining ores is OP.
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This is a Minecraft (1.16.5) video. In this Minecraft video I'm not play regular Minecraft or Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunters, it's Minecraft, but mining ores is OP
Data pack by Awhikax : awhikax.com/

  • Zel On60fps
    Zel On60fps

    The crouching one is still more op

  • Madhav Jaiswal
    Madhav Jaiswal

    What happens to dr trayaurus and grim

  • Justin jame
    Justin jame

    DANTDM stand for Dan=Dan T=the D=diamond M=man Dan the diamond man His old logo is diamond so maybe Maybe?


    Him at the start: “my tree. My tree. MY TREE” Him almost into a hole: “OW” Me: it’s just a game .-.

  • dashtube popular edition
    dashtube popular edition

    Play among us with me

  • -softie bomb-
    -softie bomb-

    Am I the only who thought he said Oreos-

  • Thomas Kinns
    Thomas Kinns

    I have a question can you continue the legwnd of zelda as ive done da game and id love love to see you play it

  • Ash_Nxt

    I love dan because no matter how much money he has he won't brag and make his content all about money but instead make quality content.

  • Benjamin Harding
    Benjamin Harding

    Hi dan please can you play Friday Night Funkin

  • Omar Almamoun
    Omar Almamoun

    Did anyone see Dan trying to do a netherite axe in a crafting table

  • SnapShot Photography
    SnapShot Photography

    Skip bib bedio bab bab booooo mine this ore and….

  • Riot Gfire04
    Riot Gfire04

    I remember the 1st time I discovered Dan it was him and tryours and I watched all of those videos

  • SirinxSniper

    I heard Stampy stopped posting but I didn't know ballistic squid still kept playing 😳

  • Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra

    Can u do this but SOLO

  • Kayla

    When you noticed that you watched him for many years and never know how old you really are in 2021.

  • AngiE_DreamS

    mah mans being tapl

  • NickMortuus

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  • Luna Red
    Luna Red

    I just came from stampylonghead and iballisticsquid YT channel to bring back my old memories 🥰

  • Shubham Music Entertainment
    Shubham Music Entertainment

    People who are watching this comment I wish there parent's still alive for more than 💯 years god bless U &UR family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • HoneyWolf 321
    HoneyWolf 321

    Hello I just found you're UZload Chanel that I was watching when i had 7 now i jave 13 thankyou for all good time 🙂

  • Wolfe Moon
    Wolfe Moon

    Hey dan! You make my smile when I am sad and since I am emotional I cry a lot you make me happy a lot so thank you so much and I will always look up to you! I love your and thank you again!

  • Matt Pack
    Matt Pack

    bidi yup yup oooooooooooo an ore!

  • Omar pro
    Omar pro

    I have been watching you for years and your being better every video:)


    What happen to grim and trayaurus

  • Tooba Hassan
    Tooba Hassan

    OMG lonley sandwich commented i, m a big fan

  • Benjaninja D
    Benjaninja D

    Bring back trayaurus

  • Elisha Jockenhoefer
    Elisha Jockenhoefer

    When you get the Elytra before entering the End: Ender dragon: This is cheating

  • Sussy man
    Sussy man

    So we’re going to nor the fact that Danton and try to make Flip nether rightacts in a crafting table

  • HappyWren

    Dan can you play Miitopia and Tomodachi life on the switch when they come out.

  • ZaccerDaccer

    in the new "update" shovels are the most OP weapons

  • Aaliyah Carter
    Aaliyah Carter

    can you play circus babys diner

    • Aaliyah Carter
      Aaliyah Carter


  • Ethan Letarte
    Ethan Letarte

    5:47 when they don't get scared by this

  • Mikael Amankour
    Mikael Amankour

    3:30 it is actually his. He found them and he just asked the other guy to mine it for him. I think the loot belongs to Dan

  • GamerReviews

    If stamy was here my childhood would be complete

  • Dantdm fan
    Dantdm fan

    Hello dantem

  • Cool dogs Only
    Cool dogs Only

    5:08 what why lol

  • Jamesxander maano
    Jamesxander maano

    Dan:tries to make stone pickaxe from andesite ThxCya:tries to break gold using ston pickaxe Dan:tries to make netherite axe using a crafting bench Squid:Just chilling

  • cydney

    Ohhhh ayyyyyyy

  • TypicalXx Productions
    TypicalXx Productions

    the intro is wisp style

  • Rookie For Cookie
    Rookie For Cookie

    hive skywars but its survival

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor

    Did anyone else see how he tried to craft a netherite axe?

  • Ghost Potato
    Ghost Potato

    Hey dan I haven’t watched you in ages but I just want to say thank you for all the memories and the best childhood I could ever have :)

  • Rylie bAtiTs
    Rylie bAtiTs

    He tried to make an axe with netherite xD 5:05

  • Hazren Tengah
    Hazren Tengah

    Since modding is back, WHERE IS THE LAB OR ANY OF THE LABS

  • Paul Aldrian Andal
    Paul Aldrian Andal

    U need a smithing table to get netherite tools and armor

  • Theo Landvatter
    Theo Landvatter

    it was my brithday at may 1

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith

    The only cursed thing about this video is the fact that at the beginning Dan mined a single coal block not in the ground

  • op ahmer
    op ahmer


  • Sun Kang
    Sun Kang

    glad you are putting your mind off of that fail...


    All the dragons gangsta till Dan comes in with a alaitra

  • Cesar Ehrenzweig
    Cesar Ehrenzweig

    I can't he tried to make a netherite axe but he needs a smithing table😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gaming Twins
    Gaming Twins

    Dans Mining song: Bip boo bop boppity, mine this ore- wha-

  • Ellis Jones
    Ellis Jones

    Hi I love your videos

  • Elijah Hicks
    Elijah Hicks

    I have an idea that Dan could use for videos, he could start a new hardcore series but he is in VR. ( virtual reality )

  • حححخخخججج

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    Fudge Da Husky

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    kalid. alwhsh


  • Stoplight With Zach
    Stoplight With Zach


  • Erwin John Jr. Payabyab
    Erwin John Jr. Payabyab

    Dan search this:dantdm and p.s girl minecraft

  • Miss Gamesalot
    Miss Gamesalot

    This is too op that is why it is not actually in the game The person who made it is a genius

  • WittyWax

    what i dream of as a minecrafter

  • Charisse Almeda
    Charisse Almeda

    dan you can make en rods with blaze rods on top and popped corus fruit below

  • Denom Angel animation
    Denom Angel animation

    No one Dan loss his Minecraft hard core world *him well I guess I do Minecraft but vids now

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    Jasmin Sierra

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  • Gabethe Gamer
    Gabethe Gamer

    Day 1 of asking Dan to do his old intro "hi everyone Dan here from the diamond minecart"

  • Frostpz

    When you come back from surgery please try nightmare or cursed mode from fundy

  • MotoCross Char
    MotoCross Char

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    Elijah Lindenburger

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    Kiwi Mclaughlin

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    Graeme Doig

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    AhmedPlaysGames !

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  • Jacob O.
    Jacob O.


  • Jacob O.
    Jacob O.


  • kashmala amin
    kashmala amin

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  • CrazyCaiGamer

    It’s not how to find ores, it’s how to get ores

  • no name shorts
    no name shorts

    It was so wholesome when dan didn't say anything and just made this face 😮 well giving squid some xp

  • Zainab Ahmed
    Zainab Ahmed

    I know a very wierd glitch you know a charged creeper if it explodes it wil drop a mob head in mincraft only if they are next to a mob eveyone should know that. But the big glitch is if a charged creeper explodes on a stray it will drop a wither skeleton head

    • no name shorts
      no name shorts

      How is in any way related to the video

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    Diane Bentley

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    angle imran


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    DragoonGaming YT

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    Claire Mccarroll

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    Super Mario

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    Musab Suleyman

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    Guhgf Gghhgdyhgf

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    Val Helluvo

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  • {Enter name here}
    {Enter name here}

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    Channel Mine blox

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  • Dogeplier

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  • Death Bunny
    Death Bunny

    Hey Dan I got a tip if you throw your netherite sword in lava it well not burn it will flot in the lava IST THAT COOL

  • Josh Aldwyn A Duigan
    Josh Aldwyn A Duigan

    I love how this 3 friends is nice to each other they are not stealing others stuff they are sharing xp and not hurting eachother

    • kadygamer2012 roblox
      kadygamer2012 roblox

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  • Samson S
    Samson S

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    Pok’e Leo

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