I Ranked EVERY Minecraft Biome.. (Tier List)
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minecraft but it's a biome tier list
Edited by: twitter.com/Connnor01
This isn't a Minecraft (1.16.5) video. it's a Minecraft Tier List video.
Tier List: tiermaker.com/create/minecraft-biomes-including-dimensions-and-117-biomes-952310

  • Peekyplayz 10
    Peekyplayz 10

    remember your minecraft hardcore house it was built out of the block in the basalt biome

  • smagicx

    yes dan you are very controversial

  • Beth Mcmonagle
    Beth Mcmonagle

    End city yea do

  • Tonya Glover-Lang
    Tonya Glover-Lang

    The lush caves is top tier

  • Peter Humphries
    Peter Humphries

    I would also choose mushroom biome top😁

  • Da baby Convertable
    Da baby Convertable

    Acacia wood is good In the right setting

  • Gamer Bros the original
    Gamer Bros the original

    Don’t worry Dan I thought it was Mesa biome too

  • dog face
    dog face

    You are the 1st you tuber Iv ever seen and i remember the lab

  • Emerald90

    Dan upload another one of this cause there is a new update cave vacation biomes

  • •Søur Lëmon•
    •Søur Lëmon•

    The one with mushrooms and trees is call the dark oak forest (I think)

  • Benjaninja D
    Benjaninja D

    Bring back trayaurus

  • Vincent Rente
    Vincent Rente


  • Vincent Rente
    Vincent Rente


  • Jonathan

    Dan : *Puts Taiga biome in yellow* Me : So you have chosen... Death

  • Oxcean Games
    Oxcean Games

    0.52 dan- switches to Orange me: bruh that aint orange its yellow

  • MK LT
    MK LT

    The END is king!

  • Tyler Hume
    Tyler Hume

    For me today is Tuesday today

  • thediamond snail
    thediamond snail

    I make the nether into my fortress domain

  • Just a smol bean Perezaleciabennet
    Just a smol bean Perezaleciabennet

    Very nice :)

  • BraveSpiritUltraLite

    It's been so long! (Since the last i've seen my son) I've been watching you since the old mod series and Dr. Trayaurus! Good job!

  • Lincoln Ketchum
    Lincoln Ketchum

    Who else was shocked when he said see you in hell

  • Bijan Thao
    Bijan Thao

    Hey eboy hint racket Ralph Breaks the internet.

  • Mirza Malokos
    Mirza Malokos


  • Mirza Malokos
    Mirza Malokos


  • Spencer Blais_
    Spencer Blais_


  • Jaden J Gaming
    Jaden J Gaming

    dan your tradegedy has made me so sad pls do a restart the hardcore-Jaden

  • Jaden J Gaming
    Jaden J Gaming


  • Jaden J Gaming
    Jaden J Gaming

    pls Dan I beg of you

  • Jaden J Gaming
    Jaden J Gaming

    new hardcore series

  • ;-; Santos
    ;-; Santos

    Orange he said no hate :)

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones

    15:50 well C is for crazy

  • Dr Fox
    Dr Fox

    Burch is the ugliest wood I would put it in delete

  • Sleepy Bean
    Sleepy Bean

    A few month ago when I was playing Minecraft on my Nintendo switch I would always spawn in a jungle biome with no seeds it also happened with the tiger biome but now it doesn’t do it anymore

  • Richard Jiang
    Richard Jiang

    The end city is the best

  • henry grant
    henry grant

    he said reenaction

  • FaZe Golden 2
    FaZe Golden 2


  • FaZe Golden 2
    FaZe Golden 2


  • FaZe Golden 2
    FaZe Golden 2


  • Cozmotheellama

    6:15 - 12:13 They arent the same one is Dark Oak wood the other is Spruce :T

  • Other Acount
    Other Acount

    You need to get another hardcore pls!

  • Jalapeño and Banana Productions
    Jalapeño and Banana Productions

    UZload commented here lol

  • Mason Holstege
    Mason Holstege

    Who else still calls the badlands biome a mesa biome or is it just me

  • Gacha Tiger
    Gacha Tiger

    Dan if you didn’t know extreme hills is the only biome you can find emerald ore in

  • Destroyer The first
    Destroyer The first


  • Destroyer The first
    Destroyer The first


  • Destroyer The first
    Destroyer The first


  • Isabella

    only og remebers him

  • Rafael Bernardo
    Rafael Bernardo

    Dantdm Can you continue the ultra hardcore series

  • OG Nexo
    OG Nexo


  • Kaidsplays

    When dan said where the og lab was. Before i watched this video it wasnt og

  • me nugget
    me nugget

    3:50 it's called the dark oak forest


    i wish he had put the desert biome as the king of all biomes because that was the OG biome and where it all started aswell its not even that bad of a biome its actually pretty cool if u think about it.

  • ZAK

    I hate taiga biomes

  • Thayssa Nepomuceno
    Thayssa Nepomuceno

    bring back the lab!

  • Xiao Tyng Tan
    Xiao Tyng Tan

    Your wrong in black wood

  • Lorenzo Miguel Solomon
    Lorenzo Miguel Solomon

    i personally love the snowy taiga biomes 'cause my favorite animal spawns there: the arctic fox

  • Galaxy Ads
    Galaxy Ads

    Wait where’s the Mesa what are these lands and why are they bad

  • Isabella Dejesus
    Isabella Dejesus

    Read this if your religious Jesus loves you, he you died on the cross for us, he is real spread the godpesl❤️

  • Starlady

    You have offended me and my dark oak

  • Ruth Lu
    Ruth Lu

    Did he forget the soul speed enchantment on boots?

  • CrazyWarriorsCatFan


  • Deanna Wilcox
    Deanna Wilcox

    Dan: "king AND QUEEN of the minecraft biomes" Coral reef and mooshroom biome: "Are you asuming my gender 👁👄👁"

  • The Phantom Wolfs
    The Phantom Wolfs

    your a simp s=super i=intence m=minecraft p=player

  • Graveyard games '
    Graveyard games '

    Dan: because i dont have any friends us: what about us.....D:

  • Ruskin Hanley
    Ruskin Hanley

    Dan has played Minecraft for yonks And doesn’t know names of biomes

  • henry grant
    henry grant

    the 6th biome is dark oak forest

  • Steve Ruch
    Steve Ruch

    Sun flower dimenshion? Huh? wha? Dont you mean sun flower field......i spelled that wrong dident i...

  • BIG K
    BIG K

    3:50 When your mom's face gets angry at you when you drop her favorite vase

  • Flynn O'Hara
    Flynn O'Hara

    He just called a dark oak Forrest, a mushroom biome

  • U͎͖n͕̠͔i̪͇t̡͖͔e̢͙̦d̡̻͇ T̫̻̦o͖͉̘y͚͙͓s̼̦͙ ✔
    U͎͖n͕̠͔i̪͇t̡͖͔e̢͙̦d̡̻͇ T̫̻̦o͖͉̘y͚͙͓s̼̦͙ ✔

    Everyone's talking about Dan saying orange is yellow while nobody is talking about UZload being here.

  • Keyword: Kiwi
    Keyword: Kiwi

    Poor dark oak forest

  • Jiasen Wan
    Jiasen Wan

    Uhh i think plains should be the king or god idk

  • xX4LERXx Boom
    xX4LERXx Boom

    Masa biome is still called mas biome not badlands i dont think

  • Nay .D
    Nay .D

    I agree ☝🏼 ✨

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    I didn't even noticed the Meissa biome was changed to Badlands, I thought it was a different biome

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    Where ender an spawn

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    Warped froests

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    Normal tiga

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    Bamboo froests

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    No it’s the tall trees tiga

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    Oak and brick froest

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    And it’s not called mushroom it’s called dark oak froest

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    And the one put in the delete is called baslt biome

  • Hello Swimming GaGa
    Hello Swimming GaGa

    It’s not called red biome it’s called crimson frosts

  • Braybray Gaming
    Braybray Gaming

    I still cal it the Mesa lmaooo

  • TBNRWolf

    99% of the comments are about dan choosing yellow instead of orange XD

  • E MV
    E MV

    when one of my favorites is basalt delta...

  • Waylon Paz
    Waylon Paz


  • Angiethetankengine 17
    Angiethetankengine 17

    Nice tier list

  • Maneth Alawatta
    Maneth Alawatta

    Dan just say hell good word or bad

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    I would delete that same biome! It's awful

  • Alexandra Dingman
    Alexandra Dingman

    When :) means something different for everyone...

  • Tille 35
    Tille 35

    I feel old to

  • Ibrahim Hany
    Ibrahim Hany

    the desert brings me memories

  • monkeydude 1654
    monkeydude 1654

    It's called the Warped Forest

  • Zoinkz

    MUSHROOM BIOM AS KING AND QUEEN I’m disappointed in you Dan but not the point of in subscribing

  • the animator
    the animator


  • Zoinkz


  • Zoinkz


  • random 72 gamez
    random 72 gamez

    You know acacia is great but dark oak is better.